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Group Class Information

Group classes are for ages 3 and up both In-Person and Online!  Styles include Group Voice,  Musical Theatre (Combines Acting, Singing, and some movement), Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary and much more!  Our Musical Theatre, Acting, Combo level  and speciality classes are designed for students to take the full semester of class.  Our Dance classes are Drop-In style.  Dance classes at Starlight PAC are technique based and students can drop in to any class and get a full class.  Our instructors hail from places like Martha Graham, Broadway Dance Center, and Alvin Ailey in New York City.  Dance students may register for the full semester or take a drop - in class to improve their technique whether they are at Starlight PAC or have a home studio and would like an extra class that week. Starlight PAC operates on 12 week semesters.  Fall, Winter, and Spring! Students may sign up for the semester or for all three semesters!  The summer semester is a 6-week program of Private Lessons, All level dance classes, workshops, Master Classes, and Intensives!  Register at the bottom of this page through the "MindBody Schedule" by creating an account, Call, Email, or stop into the Studio! 



Why take a group class? 


Group Classes Provide Children with More Than Just Fun! 

Even if your child doesn’t dream of being a performing artist, you may still want to talk to him or her about taking classes; That’s because these classes aren’t just for budding actors. In fact, there are a number of different ways that acting classes for kids are beneficial to young people. 


Young Artists Learn to Be Adaptable

Group classes teach kids to adapt to changing situations. This allows them to be less reactive when new things come up, and be more apt to accept change, both on stage and in life. This flexibility and adaptability are highly sought after skills in the working world as well. This can give your child an advantage on the stage, plus an advantage when it comes to getting a job when that day arrives.

Young Artists Gain Self-Confidence. Getting up in front of people and acting is not always easy, especially for children who are shy or uncertain of themselves. But doing it once can help them get past their stage fright. The more they act, the more confidence they will gain in themselves. They will see that acting is something they can conquer. This lesson can be applied to many different areas of life. 


Friendships Formed During Acting Classes for Kids Can Last Well Into Adulthood

Actors are very rarely on stage alone, and even if they are, it takes a whole theatre crew to make the show come to life. Young actors learn how to work together to create a great show. When you decide to send your children to performing arts classes, they are going to be surrounded by other kids around their same age. Those children, just like your's, are going to be unique. Each child is going to bring something new and wonderful to those youth theatre classes. The influence of each child is going to make every course taught different and amazing. 


Life Lessons in Theater Class for Kids

Performing arts group classes introduce the world to your child. Your child will learn necessary life lessons which will allow them to function in real life as well as in the performing world. They will be taught how to work well with others, build strong relationships with fellow students, achieve self-confidence and learn to think on their feet. 


Building Compassion

Starlight PAC's Group classes offer a wide range of benefits, but they also teach children how to work well with others. Through scene and script work, kids learn to work as a team and support one another. Another’s success is seen as a success for all.  All students are taught compassion for their peers. Positive reinforcement is stressed, and negative behavior is curtailed. This trains your child to be a role model, standing up for those who may need an advocate. They see themselves in the situation and know how they would like to be treated.  By taking Starlight PAC's classes,  your child will grow as an individual, learning life skills to function successfully in society.


Protostars- Ages 2-6

Shooting Stars- Ages 7-9

Starlettes- Ages 9-13

Stars 14 and up 

All classes will end aprox. 5 minutes early to sanitize 


Click on a class below for class descriptions and to set up your account and register through the mindbody software today! 

If there is trouble loading try the "Online Purchase tab or one of the "Register Now" tabs to take you directly to the mind body site.  


Starlight PAC strives to provide professional learning opportunities for our students. Take a look at our 2016 competition team recording their first album!

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