2019 Summer Semester is Here!!

Our 2019 summer camps, workshops, specialty classes, and lessons will be taught by Starlight staff and professionals from NYC and beyond who are experienced teaching artists with incredible knowledge, life lessons, and stories to share!  Contact us for more information or to sign up today!!
**Registration and Payments must be made at least one week prior to the day of the Workshop**
Create your account and register for classes by clicking the button below OR by scrolling to the options at the bottom of this page. 

Private Lessons

Private lessons in Voice, Acting Piano, Guitar, Cello, Ukulele, Violin will be offered for the summer semester!  

Please contact the office to register for a package!


Due to Covid-19 Ms. Lisa will be teaching all summer via zoom until we are able to see each other in person again .  All other instructors will put their availability into mind body.   

Dance Classes

Due to Covid-19 we are still working on our summer schedule.  Since we do not have any guidance from our state officials on when we will be able to re-open in person we will be planning both online and zoom classes and workshops!   The great thing about zoom is that we will have guest instructors from all over the country to teach our students this summer! From LA to Nashville and NYC to London!   Keep an eye out for updates! 

ZOOM Workshops and Intensives! 

Join Daniella Castoria on Wednesdays from 5-6pm July 8th -22 from 5-6pm  and July 29th from 5-7pm Via ZOOM.  $65.

This master class will walk through the different ways of how to find an Agent/Manager, prepare audition material, and what to expect in the room. We will also walk through the steps of how to prep for a meeting from an Actor's perspective for all ages. 

Class Breakdown:


Day 1: Intros- Breakdown Agents Vs. Managers and the Business Side of it All


- Introduction of my experience and expertise in the industry. Then student introductions (name, age, experience, goal of what they are looking to learn/improve on) 


-Discuss the difference between an Agent and a Manager. What do they do for you and what do you do for them. 


-The percentage of money they receive based off of your bookings and how to know if you're working with a professional agent or manager or scam (Agents and Managers should never ask for money upfront) .


-How to land a meeting with an Agent or a Manager


-Headshot and Resume


-Homework Assignment: 30 sec-1 minute tell me about yourself blurb. 


Day #2: 30 Second Blurb


-Discuss why there is a 30 sec-1 minute tell me about yourself blurb when attending an Agent or Manager Meeting.


-Have each student do their 30sec- 1 minute tell me about yourself and give feedback after each student goes. 


-Discuss what happens after a 30 sec-1 minute blurb which is when the agent speaks about themselves the agency and why they started this job/business etc. 


-If you are kid this is usually the time when they would then give you a cold read to practice outside while they are talking to mom and or dad.


-Or they would talk first with you in the room and then give you the cold read. Every Agent is different.


-Discuss how a cold read works and how much time you have to prep. (depending on if time allows if not, start Class #3 with this) 


-Homework Assignment: prepare a monologue and or song.


Day # 3: Cold Reads, Monologues, Singing. 


-I will explain what a cold read is and ask for volunteers of who wants to try one out. (if time allows I will have everyone try the cold read during class, but I also need to make time for monologues and songs.) 


-Everyone will perform their Song and or Monologue. Afterwards I will explain why it is important to have one of each prepared. 

-We will discuss wardrobe and prep for our Mock Audition Meeting


-I will answer any questions that the students have regarding the Mock Agent/Manager Meeting.


-Now, that we have visited every step we will then do a Mock Audition Meeting the following Class!



Practice 30 sec- 1 Min. blurb, Monologue/Song, Pick out Wardrobe.



Day #4: Mock Agent/Manager Meeting

-Students will come dressed and ready for a Mock Agent/Manager Meeting.  


Then each student will walk through the full 2-5 minute meeting with me so that they have the experience and know what to expect in the room.


-I will discuss Commercial and Musical Theatre Agents in NYC for Youth Representation


-Starter Agency's and Boutiques to look at and think about.


-I will end the class revisiting ways on how to land a meeting with an Agent or Manager and answer any questions that any students may have!



Originating as an East Coast native, Daniella Castoria was born in New York and raised in Southern New Jersey. Daniella holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Acting for Film and Television from Studio School Los Angeles. She is also an Alumni of both the Choral and Theatre Department at Southern Regional High School. Daniella is a versatile Dancer, Singer and Actress currently residing in Los Angeles, California. She began her training at Spotlight Academy of Dance and continued to study at Ovations Performing Arts Academy, Atlantic City Ballet, Alvin Ailey, Broadway Dance Center and Millennium Dance Complex. At the age of 16, Daniella signed with her first Manager and shortly after she signed with her first Agent in New York City. Daniella has booked numerous commercial opportunities such as AARP and Pepsi. She is also most recently known for starring in the action concept trailer "Satan's Seven."  In Los Angeles, Daniella has performed at numerous venues such as the Rockwell Table and Stage, Wilshire Ebell Theatre, The Montalban, Sidewalk Studio Theatre, Mack Sennett Studios and Los Angeles Center Studios. Daniella is currently a Theatre Teacher at a Private School in North Hollywood for students from 4th to 8th grade, while working and auditioning professionally. If she's not teaching, you will find her Choreographing or Music Directing for Discovery Onstage where she recently choreographed "Shrek the Musical." Daniella is thrilled to be educating and inspiring the next generation of artists! 


*Note: This Master Class is to educate on different ways to get an Agent/Manager and does not guarantee representation. 

2019 Summer classes 

Please keep checking back for updates

Theatre and Dance Camps for all ages! 

Choose both MT and Dance for a discounted price of 

$80 per 3 day camp 6 hours or less

$125 per 3 day camp of 9 hours 

Or Choose the Musical Theatre or Dance portion for 

$50 per 3 day camp at 3 hours or less 

$70 per 3 day camp at 4.5 hours 


Choose Musical Theatre or Dance! Or choose both and make it a camp day!  Students will explore Acting, Voice, and Movement in the musical theatre class through Broadway and Disney music.   Each camp will have a different theme.  Our Combo and Mini Levels will have a snack and craft included. Our 

Combo level Camps (ages 3-6) 

July 30th - August 1st 9 - 11am $50 

August 13th - 15th 5:15 - 6:45pm  $45 


Mini Level (Ages 7-9)

July 23rd-July25th 9-12 am 

Musical Theatre 9-1030

Dance 1030-12 

Mini/Junior ages (7-12 years)  

July 30th - August 1st 4:30 - 7:30pm

Musical Theatre 4:30-6pm

Dance 6-7:30pm 

Mini/Junior Triple Threat Camp (8-12years) 

August 20 - 22nd 4 - 7:30pm 


Junior Level (9-12 years) 

August 6-8th 5pm - 8pm 

Musical Theatre 5-630pm

Dance 6:30-7pm 

August 20- 22nd 10am-2pm $60 for both 

10 -12 Musical Theatre

Dance 12-2pm 

**Minimum of 4 students necessary for workshops to take place**


Triple Threat Camp ages 8-13 years

August 20th-23rd 4pm-730pm  $145

Join us for Singing, Dancing, and Acting

***This camp may be taken as a required camp for All-Star team members under the age of 10 or beginners.  Please see Lisa or Jenny for placement if you are an All-Star member. ***


**Minimum of 5 students necessary for workshops to take place**

All- Star Team Triple Threat Intensive!


August  5th-8th 9am-4pm All Ages $250 

August 26th -29th !

Monday 8/26 9am-4pm

Tuesday-Thursday 8/27-8/29 10am-5pm All Ages $250

For our advanced students!  We will focus on the true triple threat--singing, acting, and dancing! We will hone our individual skills and put them together in musical theatre class creating a strong, well rounded and confident performer!  33 hours of training in one week!  We start learning our 2020 production number during these camps. 

August 26th -9-4pm 

August 27th=29th 10am - 5pm 


*Sample Schedule*

9-1030am Ballet

1030-1130am Jazz/Hip Hop/Contemp.

1145 -1245 Acting

1245-130 Lunch

130-230 Group Voice/Music Theory

230-315 Musical Theatre

315-4 Tap 



ALL- STAR DANCE TEAM Conditioning! 

July 22nd - 125th  430-730pm  $100

August 13th - 15th 10am - 2pm $125 

We are branching out and starting a dance division of our All-Star team!  If you have auditioned or are wanting to join our dance team this workshop is mandatory! If you are a part of our Musical Theatre all-star team we highly recommend you take this workshop in addition to your required triple threat workshop!  Join us for a three days of conditioning our muscles, technique, and learning choreography with Ms. Liz Trotta!   

College Prep- Please contact the office if you are interested in college prep! 

HS Freshmen-Seniors/transfer college students


If you are thinking about taking the road less traveled and majoring in Music, Acting, Dance, Musical Theatre, Film/TV in the performance or educational side,  we know it can be a daunting task!  Let us help you figure out which type of campus you are interested in, school size, BA vs. BFA vs. Conservatory training, Audition requirements, and which songs and monologues suit you best!  We recommend having this completed prior to your senior year!  These skills are what will pay the bills one day!  Your sophomore and junior year of training in the arts is right up there with school work and sat's!  Get a head start on the college planning! 


**Minimum of 5 students necessary for workshops to take place**

Discounts and Packages 

Contact us for questions

Starlight Sibling Program:

Apply to assist with early drop off/late pick-up, Camps, and classes to receive a discount on your camps and private lessons!

Summer Master Classes

We are brining some on New York's up and coming teachers and performs down this summer! Don't miss your chance to learn from there amazing experiences.  Must have prior movement or dance experience.  Advanced Beginner- Advanced  ages 11 and up 

Master Tap Class with Shontell Rosso 

July 22nd 5:00pm-6:15pm $25 

Spongebob master class!  $50

July 22nd 6:30-8:30pm 

Learn some choreography from the show!  This class will conclude with a Questions and Answer period for students and parents! 


Robert Taylor Jr. is an American entertainer whose goal is to inspire and spread love and peace to people of all ages through music and dance. Robert was born in Brooklyn and raised in Coney Island and developed a love for music and dance as a young child through his father Robert "Bobby T-Boy" Taylor and went under his tutilage for his music/artistry. He then became under tutilage of Elizabeth Buzzetta Palmeri and Pat Conlon to continue his musical training, Larry Ramsey for his acting, and John Goring for his dancing. He graduated from Marymount Manhattan 

College with a B.A. in Dance and a minor in Musical Theatre. While at Marymount, he studied the Graham, Horton, and Limon techinques, as well as acting, theater, and other styles of dance. He also performed in several musicals, including New Girl In Town and The Boyfriend.  Later, Robert went on to study with teachers at Broadway Dance Center such as Brian Green, The Amountboyz (who he performed with as an honorary member), Jared Grimes, Ephrat "Bounce" Asherie, Eric Jenkins, Jamie Jackson,Future, Eric Negron, and Spex. Robert performed for Michael Jackson, in 2002 with a singing/dancing group called 'Uneti."  


In the underground music world, Robert has won multiple music showcases, including (2006-present) "Faces In The Crowd" (twice),  (2006-2009) "Mental Supreme" (2007) and "Roc The Mic" hosted by Monse from hot 97 (2009), making him a 5 time NYC underground music industry showcase winner as an R & B entertainer.


Robert has performed for Michael Jackson in 2002 for the Sony Protest party @ Webster Hall. Shortly after, Robert was selected as one of the nation's top 20 contestants for Season 8 of So You Think You Can Dance, and made it to the top 16. Other credits include American Idol (Season 3), So You Think You Can Dance (Season 2), MTV's 'Say What? Karaoke (in which he won 2 shows and made it to the finals in 2003 and 2007), Kat Deluna's Whine Up music video, and the national tour of Hairspray as a singer/dancer/actor in 2008, danced for L.L. Cool J at Carnegie Hall for the CBS Network Rundown (choreographed by Gio Hubela from Iconic). He also performed with Rihanna as a recording artist/entertainer for the Peace and Love festival in Sweden in 2012. Robert recently performed in Rihanna's Budweiser commercial with fellow faculty member Anthony Rue II aka AntBoogie. In the summer of 2015, he was a part of America's Got Talent as a finalist with The Mothmen.


Robert's latest accomplishent was being in the cast of Spongebob Squarepants (the Broadway Musical).  You can also catch him in the Netflix series "Seven Seconds" as a 'juror' with Regina King.  He is also now a full-time faculty member at Broadway Dance Center as a hip-hop dance teacher and also teaches urban contemporary at the Joffrey Ballet School.  


For more information, including his itunes releases and dance classes please visit him on: 



Twitter: @D8Robert

Instagram: roberttaylorjr

Hamilton Workshop with Hope Easterbrook $50

August 19th 5-7pm 

Hip Hop Master Class with Hope $27

August 19th 7-8pm 

 Hope Easterbrook started her dance training in her hometown of Goshen, New York, where she studied Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and Modern. She was introduced to Hip Hop when she began training at The School at Steps in the Pre-Professional Program. After dancing at Steps in high school, she was accepted to the Musical Theater and Dance and Theater program at Marymount Manhattan College. While studying at Marymount, Hope developed a passion for teaching and decided to pursue a career in teaching, and performing Hip Hop. She has worked on a variety of performances and music videos for up and coming artists. In 2016 she made her broadway debut in Hamilton as the first replacement to the original cast. Also while fulfilling her dream of performing in the Tony Awards. Soon after she her run she was cast in The Kennedy Center's In The Heights. Besides performing Hope has worked as associate choreographer for multiple projects including  "The Ladies of Hip Hop Showcase" (2015), Broadway Bares (2014-2019). She is looking forward to furthering her career as a dance instructor, performer, and a well-rounded dancer.

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