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We are so excited to be back open this upcoming week of July 6th.  Please take a look at mindbody or our "StarlightPAC" app on Android or iPhone for the latest information!  I wanted to take a moment and say thank you for your patience and understanding in the opening process as well as helping to support us online these past 4 months.   It has been a whirlwind for all of us. To ensure everyone’s safety, I wanted to make sure that we not only followed protocol but implemented what was best with our students, staff, and families in mind.



These policies and procedures are being implemented to create a safer environment for both students and staff during the current pandemic crisis.  All policies and procedures are based on the recommendations of the CDC and in compliance with state and local leadership.  We will continue to monitor local conditions and recommendations and update these policies and procedures accordingly. We will be following a rigorous plan using the American Camp Association’s Field Guide, Guidlines for daycare and camps, and executive order 157 and 158 which includes social distancing, mask wearing, limited class size with in color coded 6 ft boxes, mandatory hand washing regimen, daily temperature checks, rigorous cleaning procedures,  no food or drink inside of the building, limited sips of water are allowed, and limited contact of outside persons and objects within our facility. 


Limited capacity - Do not wait to register!


Again all of these modifications are for our students, staff, and families safety and will remain in effect until regulations are lifted. Class sizes are limited to 6 students per class plus one instructor. No assistants for ages 7 and up.



All students will need to do a self assessment at home via-  Daily Health Form




If the student or anyone in their family is ill, please stay home. Make sure to have a labeled water bottle and bring only the items you need for class. No dance bags, toys or additional items. please be dressed and ready for class. Please use the restroom before entering the studio as Restrooms are to be used for emergencies only. We encourage everyone to bring their own personal size hand sanitizer to utilize throughout the course of classes but also have sanitizing stations and soap available for all. Masks must  be worn inside at all times.  Most singing activities will take place outside under tents in the back of the studio.  The waiting room and common areas are closed as per executive order 157.  Please email info@starlightpac.com with any questions.  Registrations must be done online or over the phone.   Students must register for the full camp or full 6 weeks of classes at this time.  There will be no drop-ins for the time being.

Please make sure your child’s dance clothes are washed and shoes, water bottles, bags,  any props etc are wiped down on a regular basis. 

Dance shoes should never be worn outside! If your child cannot change shoes successful on their own, please have them wear a pair of socks OVER the dance shoes that can be removed once entering the studio.  Many classes will be held outside in the back please have sneakers with your dance shoes for each class.  


Talk with your child and prepare them for:

Ms. Lisa, Ms. Liz, Ms. Jenny, Ms. Alyjah, Mr. Ty and office staff will be wearing a mask.  We have also purchased face shields with dog, cat, and princess crowns to wear for our younger class to help ease them into this.  Not giving hugs (they can draw pictures and give them to us), hand washing/sanitizing, being more spread out, parents not being in the building. 



Please do not congregate outside.  Keep a 6 foot distance between students.  Please have your student stand on the tape/chalk marks outside of the door until your instructor calls you into facility. Parent/student must fill out the online heath survey prior to entering the studio each day.  Students will come in one at a time and sanitize their hands, have a temperature check, and be assigned a space to stand at to prepare for class  in the dance room (put on shoes, etc)  On that line there will be a color coded mark for any belongings. Please limit any additional items other than dance shoes and a labeled water bottle. Stay on line till called to the dance floor-dancers will be called one at a time to the dance floor to maintain social distancing.  A video demonstrating this is forthcoming.  



On nice days we will hold classes or lessons outside in the back lot.  We have purchased color coded 8 x 10 tents for each students to be spaced out and will block off our area with bicycle fence.  All group singing will happen outside. Some lessons will also happen outside. 


The dance floor has been taped and color coded in accordance of the 6 foot regulation. Students are to remain in that box until assigned to their new position for across the floor. Ballet barres have been marked with social distancing requirements. Students may bring their own Ballet Barre covering to class.  Please email us for information about this.  



All teachers will be in masks/sheilds.  Plexiglass barriers have been put over the piano and music stands to help keep a barrier. Our air/heat system is 3 years old and has a HEPA filter installed.  We will be adding extra maintenance to the filter systems moving forward. 



At the end of class students will sanitize hands, return to their belongings one at a time, grab personal belongings,  change shoes and exit the building one at a time to ensure distancing.  Students are not permitted to wait inside of the studio at this time.  Please be prompt at dismissal time.  


The office and parent rooms are closed and all communications  will be done online via email. No one other than students are permitted to enter the building due to limitations within the facility. Disinfecting of general spaces such as handles, barres, props or mats will be sanitized between classes and a daily cleaning will be done prior to and after all classes.  We have added extra cleaning schedules to the HEPA filter in our air/heat system, UV-C lights nightly, a special dance floor cleaner from Stagestep that kills covid-19, as well as a disinfecting fogging machine with a 90 day EPA and food safe virus, bacteria, and mold killer.  


We look forward to having our students and staff safely return to the studio. Thank you! Miss Lisa  

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