Upcoming Workshops

In-person or Via Zoom 

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Wednesdays 2/10- 3/10| 7:15-845pm | Ages: 12-18| $200| All levels welcome


Children’s Theatre is a very unique form of entertainment. It requires the actors to stimulate the imagination of their young audience in order to take them to fantastic places. In this workshop the
students will learn techniques that will engage young children and hold their attention. They will do this
by studying and performing short children’s theater scripts and will culminate with them creating their own production that will be filmed and viewed by local elementary students.

Wednesdays| 4/14-5/12| 7:15pm - 8:15pm| $120 | Ages 14 and up| Level: INT/ADV

Acting Through Monologues and Scenes-
Using a series of monologues and short scenes the students will work on character building, setting, objectives and script analysis. The culmination of the workshop will be the presentation of their monologues and scenes as a full production.

Navigating the Industry with DDO Artists

Navigating the Industry with DDO Artists Agency's Mallory Levy! $300


Students and Parents are invited to join Starlight Performing Arts Center on Zoom (either from your home or from the Studio) for a 3 week Master class with Talent Agent Mallory Levy of DDO Artists Agency's Youth Division! Whether you're brand new or a seasoned performer and need a refresher, this three week course is essential for children and parents who are navigating their way through the professional industry.


Week 1:

Parent Seminar-This Class is dedicated exclusively to the Parents! Do you have any questions that you have been dying to ask an agent or manager, but have been too afraid to ask? What does the industry look like right now with Covid? How can I help my child with Self Tapes? How can I help my child put together a reel? What should be included in a reel? How do you get the best headshots? How much should you spend on headshots? What is important to include in a self submission? What is NOT important to include? Mallory will answer any questions you might have.


Week 2:

Commercial Mock Audition- This week will be a Commercial Mock Audition for your child to receive live feedback from one of the best agents in the business! Students will be emailed commercial sides prior to class to work on and prepare for the audition.


Week 3:

TV/Film Mock Audition-This final week will culminate in a TV/Film Mock Audition where students will receive On Camera sides to prepare for class. Students will also receive Live Feedback this week. We will wrap up the course with a 15 minute Q&A session with Mallory.

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