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Via Zoom 

Join us on Wednesday, June 10th at 2pm to work your audition cut with Broadway Star Amy Spanger and get audition ready! 


Amy Spanger is a Drama Desk-nominated Broadway star, television and film actress, solo artist, musical theater teacher, and vocal coach. Broadway credits include Sunset Boulevard, Chicago, Kiss Me Kate, The Wedding Singer (Drama Desk Nomination), Rock Of Ages, Elf: The Musical, Urinetown, and Matilda. She also created the role of Susan in Jonathan Larson’s tick, tick… Boom off-Broadway and played Maureen in the first national tour of Rent. Gwendolyn in The Importance Of Being Earnest at Williamstown. Television and film credits include Six Feet Under, Bored To Death, Royal Pains, Law & Order: SVU, The Blacklist, Chicago Med, Synecdoche, NY and Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical. She lives in NYC with her husband, actor Brian Shepard.


In this online class 10 advanced SPAC students will be able to workshop their best 16-32 bar audition cuts with Amy Spanger.  Students must have their sheet music and a cut track of their songs prepared.  $75


20 students will be able to audit/observe class and join in for the Q & A at the end of class!   Register today to reserve your spot! 

Register via Minbody- There are two options for performing or observing.  Please register for the correct class! 

This master class will walk through the different ways of how to find an Agent/Manager, prepare audition material, and what to expect in the room. We will also walk through the steps of how to prep for a meeting from an Actor's perspective for all ages.


Class Breakdown:

Day 1: Intros- Breakdown Agents Vs. Managers and the Business Side of it All

- Introduction of my experience and expertise in the industry. Then student introductions (name, age, experience, goal of what they are looking to learn/improve on)

-Discuss the difference between an Agent and a Manager. What do they do for you and what do you do for them.

-The percentage of money they receive based off of your bookings and how to know if you're working with a professional agent or manager or scam (Agents and Managers should never ask for money upfront) .

-How to land a meeting with an Agent or a Manager

-Headshot and Resume

-Homework Assignment: 30 sec-1 minute tell me about yourself blurb.

Day #2: 30 Second Blurb

-Discuss why there is a 30 sec-1 minute tell me about yourself blurb when attending an Agent or Manager Meeting.

-Have each student do their 30sec- 1 minute tell me about yourself and give feedback after each student goes.

-Discuss what happens after a 30 sec-1 minute blurb which is when the agent speaks about themselves the agency and why they started this job/business etc.

-If you are kid this is usually the time when they would then give you a cold read to practice outside while they are talking to mom and or dad.

-Or they would talk first with you in the room and then give you the cold read. Every Agent is different.

-Discuss how a cold read works and how much time you have to prep. (depending on if time allows if not, start Class #3 with this)

-Homework Assignment: prepare a monologue and or song.

Day # 3: Cold Reads, Monologues, Singing.

-I will explain what a cold read is and ask for volunteers of who wants to try one out. (if time allows I will have everyone try the cold read during class, but I also need to make time for monologues and songs.)

-Everyone will perform their Song and or Monologue. Afterwards I will explain why it is important to have one of each prepared.

-We will discuss wardrobe and prep for our Mock Audition Meeting

-I will answer any questions that the students have regarding the Mock Agent/Manager Meeting.

-Now, that we have visited every step we will then do a Mock Audition Meeting the following Class!

Practice 30 sec- 1 Min. blurb, Monologue/Song, Pick out Wardrobe.

Day #4: Mock Agent/Manager Meeting
-Students will come dressed and ready for a Mock Agent/Manager Meeting.

Then each student will walk through the full 2-5 minute meeting with me so that they have the experience and know what to expect in the room.

-I will discuss Commercial and Musical Theatre Agents in NYC for Youth Representation

-Starter Agency's and Boutiques to look at and think about.

-I will end the class revisiting ways on how to land a meeting with an Agent or Manager and answer any questions that any students may have!

*Note: This Master Class is to educate on different ways to get an Agent/Manager and does not guarantee representation.

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